Not a photocopier. But a penny farthing your thoughts

Want to find out about something not photocopier related, but mind blowing that’s being undertaken by someone bonkers for a really good cause.

And he is a real inspiration to us and many others…

Richard Smith on the outside seems like what I would term ‘a normal person’ just like you or me. But on the inside he has a burning desire to make a difference, by taking on impossible feats, in the quest to help out the less fortunate ones.

As an example, last year, he decided to run from his home near Bolton, all the way to London in 5 days!

He arrived in the capital on a Saturday night, and you’ll never guess which global event was happening on the Sunday?

Yes, that’s right, the London marathon. And unbelievably, Rich woke up on the Sunday morning and completed that as well, raising over £10,000 in the process.

But how do you top that…

By riding a Penny Farthing all the way from Lands End to John O’Groats in under 5 days.

In the process breaking a record that has lasted 131 years and was set in 1886 by George Pilkington Mills. That’s how!

Let’s not underestimate the gravity of this challenge…

First, we have to understand that Rich has never ridden a Penny Farthing before (probably like the rest of us).

Second, although on the flat and going down the hills, Rich will be able to achieve a good speed. But getting up most hills will be extremely difficult, leading Rich to get off (or fall off) and push for a while.

And third, which is the most unbelievable bit. To break the record, Rich will have the ride the Penny Farthing an average of 200 miles each day, which equates to 20 hours in the saddle, each and every day for the full 5 days.

Children in Need (a very noble and deserving cause) is Rich’s chosen charity this year. And like last year, Rich wants to raise another £10,000.

We’ll be certainly getting involved (through our free photocopier service) and finding a way in which we can help.

And if any of you would like to help out in anyway, no matter how small, please go to his Facebook page Challenge Rich for further information.

…thank you for reading and please share with everyone you know.

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