We are the 'Money Saving Experts' for the office and workplace...

Our number 1 focus is to solve your problems and help you become more profitable...

We do this, by freely assessing your existing office solutions (Print Technology, Telephony, Postage, IT Support, Stationery & General Office Supplies etc) and then recommend changes, which save you as much money as possible to create extra profit.

Our customers benefit from a '30 day money back' guarantee and a price promise guarantee 'never to increase your prices, whilst you are in one of our current agreements'.

Between us (we have a great team), we have 50+ years of experience in the IT and printing technology industries.

We take a very proactive approach, and look at the challengers you are facing in your organisations on a daily basis.

Understanding you, thinking about how things might change in the future and adopting the latest technologies, has enabled us to build a unique portfolio of innovative products, that address many of the current and future problems we have identified.

And, one of the biggest issues we continually come across is money...

It’s OK having these great products. But, if you can't afford them, our business is going to go no-where.

And, after investigating many different funding options, we decided a balance was needed...

We had to provide an easy cost effective way for you to adopt our new products. But, just as importantly, we also have to secure the right level of cash flow for the business.

There is a massive risk in what we are doing in the market place, if we run out of cash, it is goodnight Vienna. The business is over and we will lose everything.

So, we have developed a subscription based funding solution that allows a low or even zero (in some cases) cost of entry for you, coupled with a guaranteed regular income stream for us. And it is also cost effective for you on an ongoing basis too.

Today, you can sign up to many of our products and services, with little or no cost of entry, and you pay is a low fixed monthly fee.

Our measure of our success is simple: 95% of our customers have save (on average) 60% against their previous office solution costs.


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