Wanted: Experienced Photocopier/Printer Engineer/Technician with sales and management ambition…

Our business is a bit different, we only want to hire people who are better than us and have the ambition to grow and challenge themselves every single day. Oh, and help the business grow too!

We are looking for a unique individual who is already a trained and experienced photocopier/printer engineer, but who has the ambition to do much more with their career. And is just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

Is this maybe you? Do you want the responsibility and the rewards that come with building and managing your own photocopier division.

We believe there are engineers/technicians out there who are capable of doing much more than simply installing and supporting machines. And just want to be given a chance, to prove they are capable of doing the sales and learning the management side of things, to be able to operate and grow their own business unit.

We are a small business with a large installed printer base, but a small installed Konica Minolta photocopier base, which is growing. Right now, we require a unique individual to own the photocopier division of our business, which means growing it through sales and managing your client base on a daily basis.

And as you grow your division and help the overall business grow, we will invest back in you, by helping you grow your team and teach you how to manage them effectively. And financial rewards will come along due to your success.

To join our team you will need to have a great attitude, a fantastic work ethic, great time keeping, be presentable, great communication skills and get on well with others (both customers and our team) and just as importantly, be willing to learn new things.

Documented and proven recent photocopier/printer installation and support skills, ideally on Konica Minolta or similar equipment is a given.

For the right person, we are offering a fantastic overall package, which will give you the opportunity to earn up to £50K a year.

The package consists of a £22K annual salary with a realistic sales bonus scheme to earn an additional 28K. Providing potential on target earnings of £50K a year. And it goes without saying a car and mobile are included too.

But to achieve this, it will take hard work and plenty of sales, as well as installing and supporting what you sell.

This opportunity though, only comes once in a lifetime and is not suited to someone who just wants an easy life. Only apply if you’ve got the drive to achieve great things with your career.

If this is you, email your CV to careers@mytotaloffoicesolutions.com now, telling us why we should consider you…

Responsibilities and Duties


Telephone Support

Onsite Support


Management of customers

And eventually team management

Qualifications and Skills

Documented and proven recent photocopier/printer installation and support skills, ideally on Konica Minolta or similar equipment (although not vital).

Previous selling and management experience would be beneficial (although not vital).

Having a great attitude and the drive to succeed.





Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £22,000.00 to £50,000.00 (incl bonus) /year

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