Want the chance to win a printer?


Well come on down and see us at EXPO North West at Burnley Football Club on Thursday 20th October 2016, between 10:00am and 4pm.

All you need to do is come see us on the day and leave us your business card for your chance to win the latest wireless multifunction printer.

school-printer-emailAnyone who wants to develop their own business, grow a business they work in, somebody who’d like to keep up to date with industry and business skills or those wanting to network and connect with others should come to the Expo.

With loads of FREE workshops, visitors from an enormous range of businesses and professions, and over 80 exhibitors from across the whole region, you’ll have a great opportunity to network and make loads of new contacts.

You can arrive and leave at any time, you can book a ticket for free and select any sessions you’d like to attend and you can park for free, grab a snack or meal on the day and use our free event app to reach out and connect before, during and after the event.

Put it in your diary and book a ticket now

These FREE workshops are running throughout the day…

10:30am – Video + Social Media = RESULTS. The ‘social media’ landscape offers an incredible opportunity to find new business and one of the best ways to grab your audience is with compelling video content powered by the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube. Content is still King but great content is no good without an audience. Get them both working for you and you will experience great results. In the last 12 months, how these platforms handle video has changed dramatically but I will give the audience an insight into how to get the best results from them for any business of any size and across a range of marketing budgets.

11:30am – Developing your stress IQ. Would you like to increase your performance, get more done in less time, just imagine the massive benefits you and your business would gain.  Geoff Nicholson is an internationally acclaimed coach, trainer and speaker specialising in Personal Resilience and Performance, he works with entrepreneurs and business owners from across the globe supporting them to maintain high levels of productivity and enjoy a better integration between life and work. High performance is achieved when you combine knowledge and action, but so many successful individuals underestimate the risk to themselves and their businesses from the effects of Stress, which can dramatically reduce your effectiveness to think clearly opening yourself to the possibility of costly mistakes and limiting your creativity.

11:30am – Communicating confidently to grow your business. The business world is changing. As the world becomes a more digital place, businesses need to adapt the way they do things to accommodate this.  Many businesses recognise this and make changes, but have you?

12:30am – Networking Session. Join your host Tracy Heatley of Business Over Breakfast to meet and connect with dozens of local businesses at Expo North West. Your host will guide you through the do’s and don’ts and all you need to bring is yourself and some business cards. Don’t miss this vital session.

12:30am – 7 steps to creating effective business systems. Everything you need to create your own standard procedures for a successful systems-driven business. This presentation will give you a blueprint for creating a more systematic way of doing business.

12:30pm – Email Marketing: It’s time to discuss the F word. Email has come a long way since the first email was sent in 1971. Rather than a series of individual changes, email has been in a constant state of evolution since then, as technology and consumer behaviour have developed. Successful businesses are already using email as the central hub of their overall marketing strategy, but how do they keep up with the development of it? They keep their eye on future trends. Join us for a discussion on 7 key predictions that have been made for the future of email marketing in 2017 and beyond. We’ll give you a brief glimpse into where email marketing might be heading that will help you to future-proof your email marketing strategies.

1:30pm – Improve your conversion; what really works in A/B testing? In a world of best practice blog posts and tools that ‘guarantee conversion rate uplift’ – what really works in A/B testing?! We’ve done over 1000 AB tests across many different sectors and clients and we’ll let you into what works, what doesn’t work and what to do about it. We’re a conversion rate optimisation agency that do so much more than testing – we accelerate online business growth. As a core service of ours, we’re best placed to sort the good, from the bad, from the ugly.

1:30pm – Blurred boundaries: the increasing links between Health & Safety and Employment Law. Recent developments in case law have made the associations between Health & Safety and Employment Law closer than ever. Take for example the recent developments in holiday pay, where Employment Tribunals have ruled that payments that are found to be intrinsically linked to the work (such as commission or overtime) should be included in holiday pay. The reasoning for these decisions is that if commission or over time is not included in holiday pay then employees may be deterred from taking time off which goes against the Working Time Regulations.

2:30pm – Top10 reasons why you’re not getting enough business through LinkedIn. Quite often simple ideas, which can be easily implemented, can have a massive impact on your business. LinkedIn is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business yet it is HABITUALLY UNDER UTILISED. Over 15m people in the UK use LinkedIn yet quite often their profile is no more than a glorified CV with a covering letter! They don’t realise the power of LinkedIn and what it can do for their business in terms of more leads and orders. LinkedIn allows you to Find, Connect & Engage with more ideal prospects getting you straight to decision makers and missing out ‘contact preventers’ (you will know them as ‘gatekeepers’, PAs and receptionists etc.) All of this WITHOUT any cold calling! You can also position yourself for people to easily find and contact you, AND IT IS SO SIMPLE.

2:30pm – Effective email marketing. Why should you be using email marketing? How to improve your data acquisition and make sure you’re legal at the same time? Ideas that can help your campaigns create more impact across all devices. What can be done to help get your message into the users inbox? Which stats are important and how successful has your campaign really been?

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