Think we’ll call it the AJ effect!

(Picture: Sky Sports)

We can all learn a massive amount from last night…

Not all of us are boxing fans, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the deep reserves that Anthony Joshua found, even though he probably didn’t know he had them.

Wladimir was a magnificent opponent, who was clearly hurting after the Fury defeat, and wanted (had too) prove a point to the global (yes world wide) audience.

They are both 6ft 6, 17 stone and magnificent specimens. Yes Anthony was 27 and Wladimir was 41, so youth would obviously prevail.

No way. You can’t discount both experience and the fact that men get physically stronger as they get older. Probably peaking at around the 40 mark.

Anthony knew this, so he tried to take him out early, and it so nearly happened.

But Wladimir came back strong, and nearly did the reverse, but eventually he settled down to claim a points win against his much less experienced opponent.

But, from the depths of his soul. Anthony Joshua said ‘to hell with this, I’m not losing tonight’.

And from somewhere deep down inside him, he found that inner strength, that belief, that pig headed perseverance and determination to succeed, against all odds.

We all have this, and all we need to do bring it out, is to find the one thing that we are extremely passionate about, and will walk over hot coals to achieve it.

Anthony’s hot coals is being the undisputed world heavy weight boxing champion. And along the way he’s going to meet some formidable opponents, including Wladimir Klitschko again, probably.

And it’s the same for us. If you want to achieve great things, it’s hard, and you come across massive obstacles and opponents. On occasions, you have to gain there trust or defeat them more than once.

But take your lead tonight from a true champion, Anthony Joshua. It doesn’t matter if you like boxing or not. What matters is what Anthony stands for, which is belief.

If you believe, anything is possible!

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