Save up to 75% with heating panels

As the ‘money saving experts’ for the office and workplace, it’s important that we look outside of our own expertise. And identify other organisations, who have unique products, to help you save plenty of money too.

Now, we would never have thought infrared heating panels as a money saving opportunity. Well I can tell you, we all need to think again…

By utilising the latest technology (which are now massively energy efficient and ratified by the Carbon Trust) you can save up to 75% against other electric heating solutions, and up to 60% against gas heating solutions.

The numbers are massive, if you are spending £2,000 a year in heating, you could be saving up to £1,500 each year, by switching to infrared panels. And the initial upfront investment is pretty minimal, meaning your pay back will be in months and not years.

You’ve got to understand, infrared panels are quick and easy to install (no pipework, no boilers) and have a life span of 100,000 hours. This is typically 8 times longer than traditional electric heaters.

And they come with absolutely no maintenance requirement for the term of their life, meaning no extra service costs, saving you even more money.

The potential overall savings are massive, and if you also invest in wireless thermostatic controls as part of the solution, the savings are increased even further. As you can control the heating pattern from a smart device via an app.

We couldn’t believe this technology is now so good. But after meeting up with Peter Whyte of Whytelight Solutions, we are now believers, to the point of investment.

Yes, we needed a heating solution for our warehouse, as it’s getting pretty nippy inside. So Whytelight have provided us with a heating solution, based on a number of their latest infrared heating panels.

In today’s world of ever increasing energy prices, what a refreshing solution Whytelight provide.

Saving money for our customers is why we get out of bed in a morning, and finding a complementary solution for you like this, is music to our ears.

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