How far would you go for a customer?


Yesterday, we had a distressed call from a customer, they needed some urgent help to secure a specialised contract that they had been working on.

Our customer (I’m sure they won’t mind me saying) J O Transport, are based in Little Lever in Bolton and provide all kinds of haulage solutions throughout the UK and Europe. They are very forward thinking and are always looking to progress into new areas of distribution.

This new contract is to distribute (through a number of single pallet drops) traffic cones down a busy motorway. Yes, very specialised and hairy work. And, as its motorway work, their drivers need to be dressed in orange hi-vis clothing from head to foot, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed on site.

Initially, the contract was due to be awarded next week and they thought, they had plenty of time to get the required equipment together.

Out of the blue though, yesterday morning, they got an urgent call from their potential new customer. It seems the motorway repairs had been moved forward, and they required the cones to be delivered in the early hours of the morning (today). And, if they wanted the contract they had to commit to doing it in the next few hours.

Worryingly, they had all the equipment, except the orange hi-vis workwear, as they wear yellow as the norm. So, they called their customer to ask if yellow would do. It was a flat no, get the orange stuff or it’s no contract.

It seems, full orange hi-vis workwear is difficult to come by quickly, as the most common is yellow. J O scoured the local area, but they couldn’t get what they needed that same day.

In a moment of desperation Paul (J O Operations Manager) called us directly and explained the situation.

Without thinking, we called in a few favours, travelled a few miles to a number of wholesalers and even a few competitors, in a bid to get our hands on everything that J O required. Money (within reason) was not the issue here, securing this contract was.

We got the call from J O at 11am, by 2pm we were pulling in to J O’s yard, with everything they required to secure the contract, in the boot of our car.

It was a great result all round. J O secured their contract and we secured all their future orange hi-vis workwear. Hopefully, with a little more notice on their next orders!


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