Download your ‘FREE’ guide to choosing the right office printing device

It’s a mine field out there and choosing the right printing device for you, is a difficult and confusing process.

The world of office printing is a rapidly changing place. Since the word ‘Xerox’ was trademarked in 1948, barely a year has gone by without some new development in printing, scanning and copying technology. The current market is flooded with different brands and models, which come in varying sizes with a plethora of extra features.

The range of options is vast when it comes to choosing an office printing device. For starters, there is an extremely large number of actual devices on the market to choose from, all of which have different speeds, functions, sizes and prices.

Then there is the manner in which you purchase it; either buying it outright, leasing or renting.

Finally, you will need to consider the maintenance and service arrangements to deal with the inevitable hiccups that will occur during its operational life.

We understand that choosing the right printing device for you can be a extremely confusing, stressful and costly exercise.

So to help you, we have put together a guide (white paper), which covers the key things you need to consider, before you make your purchase. Download it for ‘FREE’ here!

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