Office Supplies (and more) to benefit from Celebrity Service

Office Supplies are a commodity and necessity (not a nice luxury) in business. I think most business and organisation leaders would agree with this statement?

And to be able to provide our customers with a broad range of branded and own brand office supply products (for a fair and reasonable price), we are members of 1 of the largest office supplies buying groups in Europe, NEMO.

It was the NEMO office supplies annual conference this weekend, which provides the opportunity to meet and talk to similar like minded business leaders from around the UK. And enables the interaction with a whole host of existing and new suppliers, to look at new products and services that can potential help out our customers.

We had an exciting change to this years agenda, a guest speaker, Geoff Ramm.

In my time, I’ve read (and continue to do so) a lot of business books and witnessed many a talk from business experts and professionals. But I’d never heard of Geoff Ramm, so I was intrigued.

Turns out, Geoff is a marketing and customer service Jedi, and written 3 books on the subject (OMG, Celebrity Service & OMG Strikes Back).

In his own unique way (after making us laugh out loud), Geoff presented ways to make us even better at customer service, and how to design a customer experience that has us talked about for decades to come…

Geoff calls this ‘Celebrity Service’, and in his interactive talk, he highlighted some very simple but out-of-this-world ideas. Things that our team will be excited to implement, which will take our service from good to great, to ultimately celebrity status!

We provide some great services that help our customers save money, such as our Infinity printing solutionsfree photocopiers & discounted postage.  And we will be using some of Geoff’s fantastic ideas, to make sure that our customers are so happy with the celebrity service we provide, they can’t stop themselves from raving about us to everyone they meet.

And finally, I wanted to share my experience with you, which high-lights and shows Geoff is a very genuine person and all round good guy, who just wants to help people.

After the talk, Geoff had an offer for us…

Buy all 3 of his books for half price (£20 instead of £40). Being a serial business book reader (and always on the look out for a bargain), I thought it was a great deal (even if I bought used ones from World of Books etc on Amazon (after paying delivery) it would cost more).

But I had a big problem, which I approached Geoff about…

‘Geoff, thank you for your talk, I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to sharing your great ideas with my team. But, I have a really big problem, please can you help?’

Geoff looked at me concerned and after reading my name badge, said ‘what is it Darren?’

And I replied ‘after enjoying your talk and ideas so much, I would really like to buy a set of your books. But, I have no cash, there is no cash machine here, and you have no means to take a card payment’.

Without giving it a moments thought, Geoff replied with this ‘don’t worry Darren, I’ll just send you an invoice and BACs it to me’.

Please let me make this very clear. Geoff doesn’t know me, and this is the very first time we have met!

WOW, what an impressive and special individual he is…

If you get a chance to see one of his talks, please take it, as you will be inspired!

And, if you are running a business event any time soon, book him, your audience will love him, and in turn, will love you for booking him.

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