An amazing ‘Money Saving’ team of experts

Saving organisations money is an amazing thing. And having a team who do this automatically is even more amazing…

For years, we have been on a journey to create a world leading business team built on honesty, transparency and trust. And who are always willing to challenge the status quo. But, who are also driven, by a never ending quest, to save our customers money.

Well, that day has certainly arrived, and we are extremely proud to watch our team in action.

Yes, we have to make a certain amount of profit for the business to operate (pay the suppliers, the fixed costs and the team etc). But outside of this, we provide our team with the confidence, knowledge and authority to make the right decisions in helping our customers save as much money as possible.

Yes, it might only be office solutions (things like photocopiers, desktop printing solutions, telephone systems, franking machines, office furniture, stationery and general office supplies) and classed as an evil (but necessary) expense for most Finance Directors and Office Managers. But to us, it’s an area of business that we really understand and are experts in.

So, who better to help our customers save money, than our fantastic team of ‘Money Saving Experts’ for the office and workplace.

Our team do not rest, and are always looking for proactive ways to help our customers save money, even if our business makes less profit as a result.

Just the other day, Daniel (our Sales Manager) had noticed that a customers printing profile had increased dramatically over the last few months, and if they carried on with the same printing profile, their current solution was no longer the most cost effective for them. So, Daniel discussed this with them, and made a recommendation to change their solution, to one which was more cost effective, given that their business requirements had changed.

Daniel did the right thing, and although our business is making a bit less profit, we gained so much more in trust and loyalty from the customer. And, as long as our virtues and values stay the same, we can pretty much guarantee that this customer will stay with us for the long haul.

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